2024 Summer & Fall Litters
Medium Golden Mountain Doodles

We are expecting our next litter of Golden Mountain Doodles. Golden Mountain Doodles are a combination of Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog, and Poodle.  The combination generally results in laid back, mellow dogs that are also human focused, show a high degree of trainability, and genetic diversity (equated with better health outcomes). We received excellent great feedback from our previous Golden Mountain Doodle litters from both therapy working homes and companion homes and decided to have more with our Bernedoodle line!

Kylie is our F1 standard tri Bernedoodles mama! Her last litter was phenomenal, so we are extremely excited for this next and final litter!  She is extremely mellow, trainable, human focused, social and steady. We plan to pair her with our friends stud, Jasper. Jasper is a multigen Goldendoodle with a merle phantom colored, wavy coat.. He is very friendly, steady and a great companion to the children in his guardian home! We have received amazing feedback from Kylie’s previous litter about the trainability, human focus and mellow natures of the pups. All pups will be soft wavy and soft curl coated, no to low shedding.

The puppies will be Merle Tri (phantom), Brown Merle Tri (Phantom), Black TRI (phantom) and Brown TRI (brown phantom) ONLY- there will not be red or parti colored puppies in this litter. This litter will make fabulous therapy and support prospects.  They will mature in the 35-50lb pound range full grown.  Puppies are expected in August/September and going home in October/November, pending Kylie’s heat cycle. 


We currently have THREE openings on this litter list until puppies arrive

Mini to Medium Multigen Goldendoodles

We are having a REPEAT litter with Kinlei and Parker for Kinlei's retirement litter! Kinlei and Parkers past litters have been so wonderful that we have decided for Kinlei's retirement litter we would pair her with Parker again! Based on their previous litter, Kinlei’s puppies will be approximately 22- 35lb's at maturity. The puppies will be dark red or dark red and white parti in coloring- all with soft wavy and non-shedding coats! This coat type is wonderful for families that suffer with dog dander allergies or prefer a low shedding dog! 

Kinlei and Parker's puppies are some of the most wonderful puppies we have ever had. The puppies were very mellow, resilient, human focused, trainable and steady! We have had several requests to repeat the pairing again! If you are looking for a wonderful puppy in the mini-medium size range for your family, I highly recommend this litter! 

Kinlei is the daughter of our foundation mama, Keziah, who comes from long lines of support dogs and also produced the same! 

Kinlie will be coming into heat end of May. Puppies will be born in end July to early August and going home Sept/Oct 2024 timeframe. This is dependent on heat cycles, but based on her last heat cycle this is our expectation. 


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2024 Holiday (Winter) Litters


Medium to Small Standard Multigen Goldendoodles

Ginger and Nash will be having wonderful family size Goldendoodles!

This litter will be multigen Goldendoodles, estimated to be in the medium to standard size range. The puppies will have coats ranging from deep red to golden color with white abstract markings. All the puppies will have soft wavy, low shedding coats that are allergy friendly. Both parents are wonderful family pets with low-medium energy levels that are human focused. Ginger is fun, social, trainable and sweet. She is a dog who loves whoever she meets! Nash is very loved by his guardian home and all people that meet him! He is playful yet cuddly and sweet! We are expecting this litter to be wonderful for families and therapy dog prospects!

Ginger is expecting to have puppies in the fall, puppies will be ready over the holidays (December)! 



Mini Multigen Goldendoodles

Zuni and KC will have mini multigen Goldendoodle in early fall! Both Zuni and KC are social, steady, trainable and very human focused.  

Zuni and KC are purpose paired to produce very human focused, easy, steady, resilient and trainable offspring. Our previous litters with Zuni have been absolutely wonderful, we are expecting wonderful things from this litter as well! This litter will be fantastic for families and individuals looking for a companion or working dog! Parents are both fully tested to the GANA blue ribbon level of health testing. Puppies will be 20-26 lb at maturity. All the puppies will have soft, low shedding coats that are deep red to apricot with heavy abtract markings or parti patterns. Their coats will be amazing for therapeutic needs! 

We are expecting puppies to arrive in early fall and going home around November. (Pending heat cycles)

We currently have THREE openings on this litter reservation list. 


(New) Extended Board and Train Program Infomation

Puppy Kindergarten

We are now offering a Puppy Kindergarten (board and train) service to our puppy families. This serivce is an addtional training service after our Selah Mountain puppies turn 8 weeks old. The Puppy Kindergarten focuses on intensive crate training, potty training, socialization, recall, manding, obedience commands (sit, stay, down, release, etc), puppy regulation, bite inhibition and MORE. The Puppy Kindergarten is $400 per week, discounted weekly pricing for families wanting to do several weeks of Puppy Kindergarten with us. Our recommendations is for at least two weeks but the amount of time is solely up to each puppy family. Daily rates are availble upon request as well. We are only able to commit to a certain amount of puppies at a time for our Puppy Kindergarten training program, if you are interested in getting a puppy enrolled, please reach out asap! 

For information on our late fall and winter 2024 Litters please email us! 



Selah Mountain cannot guarantee adult dogs coat color or non-shedding coats. We are willing to suggest the pick for your desired coat and color, but will not make any promises. Coat color and texture usually changes with age, please keep this in mind.