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Selah Mountain puppies are not sold on a trial basis. Puppies at 8 weeks of age will not be completely house trained and do often play as if they are playing with a litter-mate; which includes play biting. Patience, consistency, and training are key in raising ANY puppy to become a well-behaved dog. Please consider this and the lifelong commitment  (10-15 years) that is needed. We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any puppy or dog unless it's for the health guarantee. 
Due to our reservation lists being filled for the next 6 months we're now creating a master list to ensure no one is left out. The master list allows us to keep track of your place in line and also what preferences you may have. It means when a puppy becomes available that meets your preferences either through someone pulling out or a future planned litter you can be contacted about taking the spot. If you apply and your preferences match with a current or upcoming puppy/litter with availability we will offer you that puppy/place on the litter.

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1. Selah Mountain requires all adults living in the house to be in agreement with purchasing this puppy. If this puppy is purchased with the intention of giving as a gift of another adult in the house, please contact after filling out your application. Many dogs end up in shelters or on the street due to being unwanted gifts(no matter the breed or price of dog), we do not our dogs to become abandoned and need to make sure a puppy is something this potential person really wants.  
2. Selah Mountain Dogs requires all puppies to be spayed/neutered before the age of 12 months (1 year) by a certified veterinarian. Proof of the spaying/neutering done by a certified veterinarian must be provided, along with verification of the dog's identity (microchip number, dog description, breed). If the buyer fails to spay/neuter puppies before age 12 months, the 2-year health guarantee becomes void. If you have any concerns regarding spaying or neutering your dog please feel free to call or email us before paying your non-refundable application fee.

3. All of our puppies are sold on a strict NON-BREEDING contract.  We do not allow our pet puppies to be used for breeding. If you are interested in purchasing a breeding puppy please contact us and we will send you a separate  “breeding dog” application. If any Selah Mountain dog not authorized for breeding are found to be breeding, a breeding dog fee of $7,000 USD is owed to the breeder immediately and the dog can be reclaimed by Selah Mountain Dogs without notice. Legal action will be taken if needed to collect damages. All legal fees are at the buyers expense.

4. Puppies and spots on our reservation lists are only reserved when the non-refundable application fee of $300 has been paid in full by cash, check or PayPal. The balance is due as following: ½  total (minus the application fee) by 3 birth week and remaining balance due by 5 birth week. If the puppy is older than 6 weeks old when reserving the total balance (minus application fee) is due immediately. 

5. Selah Mountain Dogs recommends you pick up your puppy in person. Shipping methods can be stressful on puppies. If you live outside of Colorado please contact us so we can discuss your puppy’s safest options for shipping. 

6. Selah Mountain cannot guarantee adult dogs coat color, non-shedding coat or that this dog is hypoallergenic. We can only guesstimate the shedding degree and color from experience. We are open to suggesting a puppy based on your preference but again will not guarantee anytime. Coat colors usually lighten with age, please keep this in mind. 

7. Buyer must agree to appropriate care of your Selah Mountain dog. Appropriate care includes the following: annual vet examinations, annual vet recommended vaccinations, feeding the dog high-quality dog food, maintain a healthy weight on the dog, daily exercise, housing dog indoors, grooming and participating in basic training with the dog.

10. We require any Selah Mountain puppy/dog be returned to us, at any age, if you are unable to care for the dog for whatever reason. This means you cannot rehome, place in a rescue or any other form of changing ownership without consulting Selah Mountain Dogs first. Our desire is to keep all Selah Mountain dogs from ever being placed in shelters, dog rescues or unfit homes. Should the occasion arise, we will work with the original buyer towards rehoming the dog is a safe home.

11. Selah Mountain Dogs reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy for any reason and at any time before the placement of the puppy.

12. Completing the application is the first step in purchasing a puppy from Selah Mountain Dogs. While we hope to provide you with your top preferences, we cannot guarantee specifics in any puppy once grown. If you are on our reservation list and are unhappy with your selection choices, we will transfer your name to the next available litter for up to 3 litters. 



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Selah Mountain Dogs reserve the right to refuse the sale of a dog for any reason and at any time before the placement of the dog.