Purchase Process



To become eligible to purchase one of our puppies you will first need to complete our Puppy Application online. If your family is interested in holding a spot on our reservation list for our current litter or upcoming litter please complete our puppy application as soon as possible. Please make sure your family has thought carefully about the commitment it takes to raise a puppy. To process your application and reserve your spot we require a non-refundable application fee of $300 which will be deducted from the purchase price of your puppy. Applications fee are NON-FUNDABLE, if you have placed an application fee on a litter and can not longer get a puppy from that litter, your application fee can be transferred to hold a spot on a future litter but cannot be refunded. Please understand the application fee is to not only hold your spot on the litter lists, but also covers our time processing your application, communicating to you and other administration tasks involved with your application and reservation. 

When you are ready to pay the application fee, please email us for further instructions. English Goldendoodles are quickly becoming a highly sought-after breed, if you're ready to purchase a puppy we suggest you apply right away to avoid a long wait time. If you have specific preferences for your future puppy (time of year, color, generation, size) please be prepared a slightly longer wait time. 



 Once your application fee is received and your application is approved, you will be notified of litter confirmation (pregnancy confirmation). If you are still interested in purchasing a puppy at that time Selah Mountain will mail you our Puppy Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee. This contract includes your payment plan, terms & conditions of purchase and health guarantee. The signed agreement and 1/2 the total balance(minus the application fee) are due by the litters 3 week birthday (or immediately if the litter is over 3 weeks old). The remaining balance is due by the litters 6 week birthday Sales tax and delivery fees( if needed) are not included in the puppy price and will be added to the total balance. 

The inability to make payments on time will result in your reservation spot being removed from this list. We understand that life doesn't always go as planned, but unfortunately, we are unable to hold your puppy reservation longer than 3 days after a past-due payment if evidence of payment is given. If hardship should occur and you become unable to purchase the puppy, we are willing to work with you on moving your reservation (and current balance) to a later litter. Please keep us in the loop as we are willing to work with you.



Puppy picking is based on your spot on the reservation list and is done at 8 weeks. The reservation list set up is: pick of the litter is always reserved to Selah Mountain or another ethical breeder (if we choose to keep a pup) and then by the date application fees were received. On occasion we will have first pick availble to a pet home at an additional cost, please inquire for more information regarding this option. First payment received means first pet spot on our reservation list and first pet pick of puppy (and so on). We will be sending weekly (sometimes more) photos and updates of the litter so that those on the reservation list can get to know the puppies. We feel that picking a puppy should be based on temperament above all else. Since the puppies true personalities do not come out until around week 7, we feel it is best to wait to pick your puppy until 8 weeks. At week 7 we will have personal dog trainer come in to give each individual puppy a temperament evaluation based on the Volhard testing guide. We are happy to help suggest the puppy available that best fits your preferences. 

We welcome and encourage puppy buyers to come visit the puppies before picking at 8 weeks old. This will you a good sense of the puppies and which particular puppy is drawn to you!


VISITING PUPPY AT OUR HOME-- We welcome the puppy families who are specifically on the current litter reservation list to come and meet the litter. The puppies will not be able to have visitors until at least 5 weeks of age. We reserve the right to postpone visitations to a later age if we feel the puppies in that litter need a little more time growing before meeting their new families. As much as we would love having people come snuggle puppies from day 1, the puppies are not strong enough to fight off germs and diseases that might be brought in unknowingly from visitors. If you are a puppy family on our current litter list and want to visit, please expect that you will need to refrain from visiting certain high traffic dog areas 72 prior to visitation AND will be required to wear protective gowns while in our home. This is all to protect your puppy and all their siblings. WE DO NOT ALLOW VISITORS WHO ARE NOT HOLDING A SPOT ON THE CURRENT RESERVATION LIST TO COME VISIT PUPPIES AT THIS TIME.



Your puppy will be able to go home when he/she is 8 weeks of age at time of puppy selection. GENERALLY, WE SCHEDULE PUPPY SELECTIONS & PICK UP ON THE SATURDAY WHEN THE PUPPY IS 8 WEEKS OLD. Your puppy will have had their age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming medication. Once your payment is paid in full we will schedule a pickup date and time for you to take your puppy home. It is important to not miss this time as we will likely have other puppy buyers scheduled to pick up their puppy's that may conflict with your time if you are late. We like to give each new puppy buyer time to meet us and ask questions so please be on time! Should you be unable to come selct your puppy and take him/her home on the selection 8 week selection and pick up date, 

If you know that you will not be able to pick up your puppy by the required date, you will need to let us know asap as additional charges will apply (see above details). 



We are now offering a Puppy Kindergarten (board and train) service to our puppy families. This serivce is an addtional training service after our Selah Mountain puppies turn 8 weeks old. The Puppy Kindergarten focuses on intensive crate training, potty training, socialization, recall, manding, obedience commands (sit, stay, down, release, etc), puppy regulation, bite inhibition and MORE. The Puppy Kindergarten is $400 per week, discounted weekly pricing for families wanting to do several weeks of Puppy Kindergarten with us. Our recommendations is for at least two weeks but the amount of time is solely up to each puppy family. Daily rates are availble upon request as well. We are only able to commit to a certain amount of puppies at a time for our Puppy Kindergarten training program, if you are interested in getting a puppy enrolled, please reach out asap! 



We prefer that your puppy does not get shipped with airline cargo to you. If you do require transport for your puppy please let us know as soon as possible, we will refer you to our trusted flight nannies or ground transportation company.

Shipment of puppy will be at the buyer's expense and responsibility. 



If you want to move your reservation for whatever reason to a later litter, you may do so for up to 3 litters. Your spot on the next reservation list may change if you choose to move.  


If you have any other questions about the process of adopting a Selah Mountain puppy feel free to contact us!



Selah Mountain Dogs reserve the right to refuse the sale of any dog for any reason and at any time before the placement of the dog.