About Selah Mountain Dogs and the team.

We're delighted to welcome you into the heart of Selah Mountain Dogs, a family-centered breeding program nestled in the tranquil embrace of a small Colorado mountain town. Our nearly 4-acre property just outside of town provides a breathtaking backdrop where our children and dogs share the joy of the crisp mountain air. We're a close-knit family, from grandparents to parents to children, all hands on deck.

Our dogs are integral members of the family and we oppose the idea of confining them to kennels or outdoor enclosures. To ensure their happiness and well-being, we've established guardian homes within our program. These special families embrace our vision and collaborate with us in the ethical breeding process, providing our parent dogs with forever homes filled with love.

Central to our program is the aspiration to foster well-tempered dogs. Our program, aptly named Selah Mountain Dogs, holds deep significance. "Selah" in biblical context signifies a moment of pause, a serene interlude of reflection amidst worship. This concept drives our purpose - to be a bastion of tranquility, hope, and peace amidst life's tumult. Our faith compels us to infuse stillness, calm, and serenity through our dogs into the world's chaos.

Our journey was inspired by our time as foster parents in New Zealand, working as Christian missionaries. We witnessed firsthand the solace and healing that animals bring to broken souls. This seed of compassion and purpose has grown into our current vision - to produce dogs that contribute to God's plan of healing and restoration for people, especially children. Our dogs are ambassadors of love and understanding, reflecting God's intentionality with every individual.

Through diligent parent pairing and a tailored puppy curriculum, we're committed to producing dogs that excel as service animals, therapy companions, emotional support animals, and beloved family members. Our puppies have embarked on journeys of healing and transformation, even extending their impact through donations to therapy organizations.

Our dedication extends to the well-being of both parent dogs and puppies. We're proudly affiliated with the Goldendoodle Association of North America as blue ribbon level breeders. This entails rigorous health testing and a commitment to ethical breeding practices. Our pledge to better the Goldendoodle breed through health testing and responsible breeding is unwavering.

When you welcome a Selah Mountain puppy into your home, you're embracing more than a pet; you're embracing a shared vision and mission. From the moment of birth, we're by your side, offering guidance, support, and love. Our vibrant community of SMD families is a testament to the bonds we've formed on this extraordinary journey. Together, we can champion a dream of making a positive impact in the world, one furry family member at a time.


I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2