About Selah Mountain Dogs and the team.

We are in-home breeders in a small mountain town in Colorado and are blessed with an almost 4 acre property just outside of town where our kids and dogs are able to enjoy the fresh mountain air. We are a family run program, meaning it's all hands on deck- from grandparents to parents to children! Our children are involved in the daily handling and raising of our pups! We do not believe in keeping dogs in kennels and any sort of outdoor enclosures. Each of our parent dogs are loved, family pets- in order to continue raising amazing puppies and respect each parent dog as a pet, we utilized guardian homes within our program. These are families that our parent dogs live with for their entire lives as family pets, who love our vision and want to partner with us in ethical breeding.  

Our primary goal within our program is producing well tempered and healthy dogs. As you know, our program is named Selah Mountain Dogs. We are Christians and believe that names have a purpose and are a reflection of what we want within our program. In the Bible, “Selah”, is a pause between worship songs, a place of stillness and peace to reflect on Gods glory. For us the purpose of our name and dogs, is to be a mountain of stillness, hope, calm and peace within the chaos of this world. 

Several years ago, we were foster parents for children in New Zealand, while working as Christian missionaries. There were several times that the children came broken and fragile. They were not able to communicate their brokenness and pain to us, but what we found was the children really found comfort with the animals in our home. This “birthed” the vision for SMD. We want to produce dogs that could assist in Gods plan for healing and restoration for children and adults. We want our dogs to play a role in people understanding how intentional God is with each persons heart and mind. We have seen miracle after miracle in how our dogs have helped our puppy families through healing and restoration! We are committed, through our purposed parent pairing and puppy curriculum, to produce puppies that will work well as service, therapy, ESA and family pets. We have had the privilege of donating a few puppies to various therapy organizations and are blown away by the impact our puppies are having on people’s lives.  

We are also very committed to the health of our parent dogs and puppies. We are Goldendoodle Association of North America, blue ribbon level breeders. This means all our parent dogs are tested and have passed the highest level of testing for their breed. We stand behind the health of our puppies which is why we are able to offer a health guarantee. Our vision is to continue to move forward in bettering the Goldendoodle breed by health testing and ethical breeding! 

For us, we see all of our puppy families as part of our vision and “mission”. We are committed to each puppy and family that is part of our program. From birth, the goal is to walk along side each of our families to help educate, support and love the families and puppies!  As we grow, we have been so blessed by the community that our SMD families have built. We have the most amazing puppy families, ones that have gone above and beyond to champion us in our dream and mission. 


I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121:1-2