Red Rock's Bauer (On Loan) (Bauer)

Red Rock's Bauer (On Loan) (Bauer)

  • Owner: Red Rock Goldendoodles


Height at shoulders: 22"

Weight:  43lbs

Bauer is a gentle red small Standard Poodle.  As sweet and laid back as a poodle ever came, he is always up for hanging out with his human family and is working on getting into therapy work. He is from Ivy's first litter fathered by Rusty.  He is sporting a shaggy coat in the photo below, but looks equally endearing clipped.  (As a Poodle, his muzzle is not overly long or narrow, giving him a slightly boxier head look than the average poodle.)  

Ivy and Bauer's line is ideal for service and therapy work, and companion dogs.  These are generally not great long distance runners and bikers, although they are always ready for an adventure, especially hikes in the mountains!


Bauers Health Testing:

OFA- Hips- Excellent

OFA- Elbows- Good

OFA- Eyes- Clear

OFA- Heart- Clear

Bauer is clear by parentage of all major Poodle diseases:...

MTC (Macrothrombocytopenia) – clear

vWD - Type 1 von Willebrand’s Disease – clear

PRA / prcd – normal/clear  

DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) - clear

NEwS (Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures) - clear