• Owner: Bria Freeman

Queenie is our multigeneration Bernedoodle from our foundation Bernedoodle mama, Nova. She is also the sister of Liam, our Bernedoodle super stud! Queenie is very calm, human focused, friendly and trainable. This sweet girl lives at our home with us and is a vital part of the happiness of our children and foster children. She is the ultimate cuddlier who uses her love for people to provide healing and comfort to those she meets. 

Queenie is 38lbs and considered smaller medium in size. She has a loose wavy but non-shedding coat that is perfect for allergy sufferers. Her coat color is the traditional phantom tri colorings. 

Queenies health tested:

OFA Hip- Good

OFA Elbows- Normal

OFA Cardiac- Normal

OFA Patella- Normal

OFA Eyes- Normal

Embark genetic disease and breed indentification testing